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Monday, November 9, 2009

A peek inside Bathgasm, Part 2

Happy Monday, all! Today I'll be showing you another area in my studio. This area is my storage and drying rack space. Take a peek inside! :)

This converted closet space serves as my storage area and drying rack. All my fizzy materials are safely stored in the bins below the drying racks, and my shipping materials and dry erase markers are stored on the bottom shelf.

Here are my drying racks! You can see a legion of full size bath bombs as well as samples. These drying racks are awesome because they are in a climate controlled and humidity free environment, plus they keep the bath bombs safe from potential contaminants as they dry. I simply close the closet door when I am not making bath bombs and I never have to worry about anything disturbing them while I am away.

Here's a closeup of an army of samples on my drying rack. I send out a ton of these all the time, so the second shelf is pretty much relegated to samples only these days!

Finally, here's a picture of the dry erase board where I keep my list of bath bombs to be made. It's right there on the closet door so I can always keep track of my order statuses easily. This closet setup really is a lifesaver! :)

Thanks for taking another trip inside my studio! I hope that you have found this inside look to be interesting and informative. Have a great week! :)

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